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Antigonish, Antigonish County



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Alexander Anthony "Anthony"   I6842
2 Chisholm, Angus  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6845
3 Chisholm, Ann  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6796
4 Chisholm, Anne Elise  Antigonish, Antigonish County I7007
5 Chisholm, Archibald William  30 Sep 1872Antigonish, Antigonish County I7566
6 Chisholm, Betty  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6853
7 Chisholm, Carolyn Isabel   I6577
8 Chisholm, Colleen Mary   I6579
9 Chisholm, Faye  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6851
10 Chisholm, Francis  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6784
11 Chisholm, Francis Wayne   I6571
12 Chisholm, Geraldine  Antigonish, Antigonish County I7995
13 Chisholm, James Austin "Jimmy"   I6563
14 Chisholm, Janet C.  27 Apr 1859Antigonish, Antigonish County I4394
15 Chisholm, Joe  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6850
16 Chisholm, John  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6856
17 Chisholm, John Clement  1940Antigonish, Antigonish County I6801
18 Chisholm, John Clement "Clem"   I6829
19 Chisholm, John Colin "Collie"   I6583
20 Chisholm, John Fraser  Abt 1921Antigonish, Antigonish County I6732
21 Chisholm, Leslie  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6849
22 Chisholm, Lillian Geraldine   I7910
23 Chisholm, Loretta  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6792
24 Chisholm, Marion Eileen   I6837
25 Chisholm, Mary Florence   I7975
26 Chisholm, Mary Isabel   I6821
27 Chisholm, Ronald Joseph "Ronnie"   I6568
28 Chisholm, Ronnie  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6855
29 Chisholm, Sandy  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6857
30 Chisholm, Sister Ellen  3 Feb 1857Antigonish, Antigonish County I4393
31 Chisholm, William Gerard "Gerard"   I6833
32 Chisholm, William Joseph   I7909
33 Forbes, Bernard  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6341
34 Forbes, Catherine "Cathy"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6342
35 Forbes, Gerald Sears  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6340
36 Forbes, Jerome  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6337
37 Forbes, John  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6339
38 Forbes, Mary  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6344
39 Fraser, Joseph Roderick  1909Antigonish, Antigonish County I7198
40 Gillis, Catherine "Cathy"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6412
41 Gillis, Colin  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6407
42 Gillis, David  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6402
43 Gillis, Edward  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6421
44 Gillis, John  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6397
45 Gillis, Lorraine  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6413
46 Gillis, Mary  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6401
47 Gillis, Ronald "Ronnie"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6418
48 Gillis, Teresa  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6425
49 Glenn, Anita Marion   I6530
50 Glenn, Ann Wanda   I6508

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Alex J.  4 Apr 1997Antigonish, Antigonish County I7379
2 Chisholm, Ann Bernadine "Bernie"  22 Nov 2000Antigonish, Antigonish County I6605
3 Chisholm, Colin Francis  5 Jul 1987Antigonish, Antigonish County I6377
4 Chisholm, Colin Valentine "Collie"  1971Antigonish, Antigonish County I7200
5 Chisholm, Colin William "Billy"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I7204
6 Chisholm, Donald A. "Donald Jack Will"  24 Jul 2002Antigonish, Antigonish County I6215
7 Chisholm, Donald Xavier "Donald X"  27 Jan 1996Antigonish, Antigonish County I6990
8 Chisholm, Duncan C. "Ban"  11 May 1867Antigonish, Antigonish County I4391
9 Chisholm, Isabella Ellen "Isabel"  1 Jun 1995Antigonish, Antigonish County I7194
10 Chisholm, Jane  4 Feb 1850Antigonish, Antigonish County I6084
11 Chisholm, John Alexander "Jack Dan"  19 Jul 1975Antigonish, Antigonish County I6622
12 Chisholm, John Clement  1941Antigonish, Antigonish County I6801
13 Chisholm, John Fraser  26 Sep 2001Antigonish, Antigonish County I6732
14 Chisholm, Judge Duncan John  27 Oct 1987Antigonish, Antigonish County I7195
15 Chisholm, Margaret  4 Feb 1882Antigonish, Antigonish County I4279
16 Chisholm, Mary Ann  12 Oct 1974Antigonish, Antigonish County I6880
17 Chisholm, Mary J. "Mamie"  22 Aug 1983Antigonish, Antigonish County I7565
18 Chisholm, Rev. Archibald  29 Jan 1923Antigonish, Antigonish County I4282
19 Chisholm, Rev. John Joseph  31 Mar 1909Antigonish, Antigonish County I4281
20 Connors, Daniel Ambrose  17 Nov 1998Antigonish, Antigonish County I6716
21 DeCoff, Frank  13 May 1952Antigonish, Antigonish County I8044
22 Druhan, Aubrey  16 Sep 1995Antigonish, Antigonish County I7966
23 Forbes, Barbara  25 Nov 1938Antigonish, Antigonish County I6311
24 Forbes, Duncan  1979Antigonish, Antigonish County I6318
25 Forbes, Isabel  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6319
26 Forbes, Jennie  20 Jan 1996Antigonish, Antigonish County I6310
27 Forbes, John Valentine "Val"  1 Jun 1996Antigonish, Antigonish County I6335
28 Forbes, Mary Ellen  17 Dec 2000Antigonish, Antigonish County I6715
29 Fraser, Bishop William  4 Oct 1851Antigonish, Antigonish County I6086
30 Fraser, John "Ian Mac Thomais"  Bef 1831Antigonish, Antigonish County I6124
31 Fraser, Joseph Roderick  21 Feb 1993Antigonish, Antigonish County I7198
32 Grant, Rev. Colin P.  31 Mar 1839Antigonish, Antigonish County I4919
33 Kyte, Madeline Gertrude  28 Feb 1996Antigonish, Antigonish County I7171
34 MacDonald, Constance Geraldine "Gerry"  7 Jul 2000Antigonish, Antigonish County I7908
35 MacDonald, Daniel "Dannie"  12 May 1966Antigonish, Antigonish County I6623
36 MacDonald, Dr. Alexander Ambrose  7 Jan 1934Antigonish, Antigonish County I7046
37 MacDonald, Jean Agnes  20 Jan 1984Antigonish, Antigonish County I7380
38 MacDonald, Margaret I.  27 May 2002Antigonish, Antigonish County I6734
39 MacDougall, Hugh  29 Nov 1955Antigonish, Antigonish County I7793
40 MacIntosh, James Donald  16 Aug 1999Antigonish, Antigonish County I6299
41 MacIntosh, Mary Marcella  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6305
42 MacRae, Ann  8 Mar 1893Antigonish, Antigonish County I6092
43 Sears, Clara Margaret  24 Jan 1998Antigonish, Antigonish County I6336
44 Tate, William Leo  31 Dec 2000Antigonish, Antigonish County I6554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Donald A. "Donald Jack Will"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6215
2 Chisholm, Isabella Ellen "Isabel"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I7194
3 Chisholm, Jane  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6084
4 Chisholm, Janet C.  Antigonish, Antigonish County I4394
5 Chisholm, John Fraser  29 Sep 2001Antigonish, Antigonish County I6732
6 Chisholm, John Valentine "Johnny"  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6989
7 Chisholm, Margaret  Antigonish, Antigonish County I4279
8 Tate, William Leo  Antigonish, Antigonish County I6554


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chisholm / Chisholm  29 Jan 1901Antigonish, Antigonish County F2310
2 MacDonald / Chisholm   F2187
3 Murphy / Chisholm  25 Oct 1938Antigonish, Antigonish County F2318
4 Rankin / Chisholm   F2447