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Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Archibald Mark  1801Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I0614
2 Chisholm, Catherine  2 Apr 1837Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3351
3 Chisholm, Duncan  14 Mar 1835Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I1044
4 Chisholm, Findlay  9 Mar 1846Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3355
5 Chisholm, Margaret  10 Feb 1844Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3354
6 Chisholm, Mary  13 Dec 1832Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3349
7 Chisholm, Nancy  12 Feb 1849Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3356
8 Chisholm, Roderick  20 Sep 1839Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3352
9 Chisholm, William  17 May 1851Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ontario I3357