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1101 [samuelbrown.ged]

Oliver Barnes married Agnes Brown and, after the death of Agnes, he married her sister Mary "Polly" Brown. 
BARNES, Oliver (I2865)
1102 [samuelbrown.ged]

Randall S Treadway:
"Thomas, Mary and their first 5 children left County Essex, England and sailed for the Colonies" Their 5th child was born 5-23-1701 and their 6th child was born 11-11-1702 so they must have left England between these two dates. 
BROWNE, Thomas (I2785)
1103 [samuelbrown.ged]

" At the very end of the present Barnes Road lived Thompson and Mary Elizabeth Anglin Barnes, with her mother, Jemima Philips Anglin, from Owsley County. He was know for running sawmills, and she enjoyed running a loom. They started their family with guardianship of abandoned baby Hattie Curtis and continued it with 7 sons." 
BARNES, Thompson (I3000)
1104 [samuelbrown.ged]

"died January 5, 1884 (obituary) although her tombstone in the Weightman Cemetery says she died in 1883" 
BROWN, Nancy J (I2818)
1105 [samuelbrown.ged]

"He may be the William Thornhill who died in 1861 Warren Co, MO leaving a will naming his mother Jane." 
THORNHILL, William (I2978)
1106 [samuelbrown.ged]

"may be S. F. Thornhill who appeared on an 1840 voter's list for Camden, Schuyler Co, IL." 
THORNHILL, Son (I2977)
1107 [samuelbrown.ged]

"Over the years, although son Reuben moved to Kansas and son Albert to Indiana, many of C. W.'s other children owned farms on both sides of their road, which, from 1880 to the present has been known as Barnes Road. His children and most of his grandchildren attended school at Cartersville School. Many of C. W.'s descendants enjoyed playing country style music after work hours." 
BARNES, Charles Wesley (I2994)
1108 [samuelbrown.ged]

"probably the "little son" of Robert Brown who was the first child buried in the southwestern quarter of section 17" 
BROWN, Son (I2965)
1109 [samuelbrown.ged]

Wills: Abstracts: Books A and 1 : Bucks Co, PA 1685-1739:
1.118. JOHN BROWN (nuncupative).
February 2, 1727. Proved October 1, 1728.
"February 2, 1727, Then our Brother John Brown departed this life."
Plantation to 4 brothers, George, Thomas, Alexander, and Joseph Brown.
Legacies to George's 3 children, John, Jonathan, and Susanna.
Thomas' 4 children, Ann, Mathew, Hannah, and Moses Brown.
James Shaw's wife and her children, Joseph, Samuel, and John.
Sister Hester Brown.
Signed by Thomas Brown, Mary Brown, George Brown. 
BROWNE, John (I2883)
1110 [Thomas Hunt 1759.ged]

Contracted typhoid fever while working in Griffin. Died at home in
Forsyth.[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Contracted typhoid fever while working in Griffin. Died at home in
HUNT, James Warren (I1779)
1111 [Thomas Hunt 1759.ged]

Doctor. Minister in Congregational Methodist Church.[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Doctor. Minister in Congregational Methodist Church.[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Doctor. Minister in Congregational Methodist Church. 
Hunt, John Poleman (I1322)
1112 [Thomas Hunt 1759.ged]

HARDWARE STORE OWNER[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

HUNT, Joseph Huddleston (I1785)
1113 [Thomas Hunt 1759.ged]

Medical student in 1860. M.D. with Confederate Army. Science Dept.
Head, Harper College, Harperville, Miss.[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Medical student in 1860. M.D. with Confederate Army. Science Dept.
Head, Harper College, Harperville, Miss.[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Medical student in 1860. M.D. with Confederate Army. Science Dept.
Head, Harper College, Harperville, Miss. 
Marion, Francis M.D. HUNT (I1827)
1114 [Thomas Hunt 1759.ged]

Methodist preacher(North Ga Conference) Grad. Gordon Military Academy.
in Barnesville, GA[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Methodist preacher(North Ga Conference) Grad. Gordon Military Academy.
in Barnesville, GA[John Polemon Hunt.ged]

Methodist preacher(North Ga Conference) Grad. Gordon Military Academy.
in Barnesville, GA

Cemeteries: Barlow Cemetery: Butts Co., GA

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Surveyed; Feb. 20, 1999 by the Butts Co. Genealogical Society.
This Cemetery is just south of Indian Springs and was granted to the Butts
County Historical Society on July 31, 1997. This is one of the most
Cemeteries in the County. It is enclosed by a 2' high iron picket fence,
impressive monuments that are sparkling clean and readable.
Clinton Derek Barlow, a descendant, placed a sign near the gate of the
Cemetery stating that is was established in 1842. Richard Barlow
(1784-1864) was the
progenitor of the Barlow Family in Butts County. He owned the tract of land
where the Cemetery is located. The First person to be buried in the Cemetery
was MARTHA BARLOW, Richard Barlow's 1st wife, who died June 1851. Eventually,
many of their descendants were also buried in the family Cemetery.
In addition, there were 3 unidentified Barlow slaves or servants who were
also buried here.
Follow GA 42, South 6.6 miles to the Cemetery. which is located on the left
and about yards off GA 42.

Row- Plot
HUNT, Infant
"Infant of Laura E. & J. W. Hunt"
24 Feb 1889- 24 Feb 1889

HUNT, Laura E. Daughtry
"Wife of James W. Hunt"
25 Mar 1862 - 4 Jul 1889

BUENO, Margaret Emily Daughtry
"Wife of Jose Da La Torre Bueno"
1906 - 1991
In Loving Memory: their remains lie in the Garden
at the CROOK House, Haddom Connecticut.

UENO, Jose Rollin DA LA Torre
Buried at the CROOK House, Haddom, CT
1904- 1980

HALEY, Augustus L.
22 Jan 1885 - 22 May 1932

HALEY, Edward Anderson
5 Sept. 1876 - 19 May 1949

McIntosh, Laura Haley
2 Feb 1879 - 15 Nov 1958

DAUGHTRY, Little Boony
Died 13 Months
26 Jan 1837

DAUGHTRY, Wiley Delansing
11 Mar 1810 - 4 Dec 1864

DAUGHTRY, Laura Barlow
"Wife of Wiley Delansing Daughtry
22 Feb 1820 - 23 Jun 1904

DAUGHTRY, Hampton Lamar
12 Jan 1859 - 18 Dec 1939

DAUGHTRY, Florie Bryans
"Wife of Hampton L. Daughtry"
28 Jun 1867 - 13 Jul 1917

ELDER, Edward Anderson
aged 40 years
11 Nov. 1898

17 Oct 1884 - 14 Nov 1910

HALEY, Thomas Henry, Jr.
1 Feb 1868 - 23 Sep 1916

HALEY, Laura Elder
9 Sep 1842 - 2 Oct 1919

HALEY, Thomas Henry, Sr.
13 Apr. 1837 - 7 Nov 1921

MORRIS, Elizabeth I.
24 Jul 1867 - 27 Deb 1911

MORRIS, James R.
25 May 1857 - 24 Nov 1908

Uninscribed Rock

Unmarked Grave

HALEY, Willie
"Son of Thomas H. & Laura M. Haley"
25 Feb 1866- 28 Oct 1869

ELDER, Nannie O.
"Daughter of W.A. & C. Elder"
29 Jul 1855 - 7 Feb 1857

ELDER, James C.
"Son of W.A. & C. Elder"
24 Apr 1848- 30 May 1856

HALEY, Joe Price
"Son of T.H. & Laura Haley"
28 Feb 1874 - 11 Aug 1880

ELDER, Beatrice
"Daughter of W.A. & C. Elder"
27 Aug 1883

ELDER, Cynthia
"Wife of William A. Elder, &
Daughter of Richard & Martha Barlow"
2 Feb 1819 - 27 Jun 1886

ELDER, William A.
3 Jan 1818 - 1 Apr 1897

ELDER, George Barlow
Son of William A. & Cynthia B. Elder
"Co. D, 6th GA. Reg CSA "
9 Apr 1844 - 10 Sep 1905

ELDER, Mary Hortense Whitehead
"wife of George B. Elder"
8 Oct 1853 - 30 Apr 1913

ELDER, Henry Percival
2 Jan 1880 - 2 Sep 1913

ELDER, William W.
"Son of George B. & Mary H. Elder"
28 Aug 1886 - 28 Aug 1886

Uninscribed Slab

BARLOW, Richard
28 Dec 1784 - 12 May 1864

BARLOW, Martha
"wife of Richard Barlow"
13 Jan 1790 - 29 Jun 1851
05-04 BARLOW, Arthur W.
1841 - 1862

CORBETT, Cecile Cornell
4 Sep 1876- 21 May 1952

CORNELL, Lucine Elder
21 Jan 1856 - 13 Sep 1893

CORNELL, George Percival Sr.
11 Jun 1849 - 29 Aug 1910

CORNELL, Texas Elder
8 Aug 1853 - 6 Nov 1918

CORNELL, George Ware
11 Apr 1912 - 4 Dec 1989

CORNELL, William Elder
3 May 1885 - 8 Jan 1964

Central Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 12, Page 199,
indicates that the following had a Marker in this Cemetery at one time, and
inventory by Clinton Derek Barlow indicates that the following are buried
Son of Richard & Martha Barlow
1808 - 1855

BARLOW, Lucinda
Daughter of Richard & Martha Barlow

MORRIS, Infant
Child of Sarah & Mahalia Barlow

BARLOW, Arthur W.
Son of James & Ellen Barlow
Co. A 30th GA Regiment CSA
1842 - 1862

HUNT, James Warren (I1711)
1115 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, John (I0582)
1116 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:[Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at:[samuelbrown.ged]

5 children - in my "Points/Brown" file.[brown_joseph-1-475.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, Isaiah (I2757)
1117 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Wolf, George Lewis (I0586)
1118 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Bear, Barbara (I0587)
1119 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Wolf, Catherine (I0585)
1120 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, Sally (I2759)
1121 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, Mary "Polly" (I2760)
1122 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, Elizabeth (I2761)
1123 [Wolfe-2-649.ged]

This individual was found on GenCircles at: 
Brown, Andrew J. (I2762)
1124 One of the successful, large-hearted, genial, and unpretentious agriculturalists of the western part of Nodaway county is Callahill M. B. Suttle, who springs from one of the best of old Southern families, whose honor and traditions he has ever sought to bear aloft. His birth occurred in Clinton county, Missouri, in 1856, and he is the son of Jerome B. and Elizabeth (Layton) Suttle, the father born in Lynchburg, Virginia, of German ancestry. There he grew to maturity, coming to Clinton county, Missouri, in the latter fifties and remained there until a few years ago when he came to Nodaway county and lived with his son, Callahill M. B. of this review, the balance of his days, dying in 1902. He devoted his life work to farming, owned a good place of one hundred and forty acres in Clinton county, and was an honest, industrious, and well-liked man, highly respected by his neighbors. His wife was born in Kentucky, and she had been married before her alliance with Mr. Suttle, being the widow of William Finnell, and mother of John Finnell, of Nodaway township; her death occurred in September, 1888. One daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Suttle died in infancy. Callahill M. B. Suttle lived on his father's farm in Clinton county until nineteen years of age, when he came to Nodaway county, locating near Quitman, where he worked at farm work by the month. On February 5, 1885, he married Sarah C. Bowman, daughter of Henry and Maria (Hagey) Bowman; she was born near Quitman and when ten years of age the family moved to near Burlington Junction, where she grew to maturity. Her father died in 1866, when she was only thirteen months old. The mother, who is still living in Burlington Junction, was left to rear four children, and she also cared for other children besides her own and was a diligent and ingenious woman, rearing her family in comfort and respectability. a woman of strong vitality, great
energy, and puck. She is now seventy-eight years old and keeps her home much neater than most young women. She has been the head of her household ever since 1866, when her husband died Abraham Hagey, father of Mrs. Maria Bowman, was born in Amberson's Valley, southwestern Pennsylvania, in 1803. He married Susan Harnor, a native of Carroll county, Ohio. They came to Missouri in 1852, located in Nodaway county, west of Dawson, entering one thousand acres of land from the government. About 1858 he moved into the northwestern part of Green township, near where the Hagey school house is now located, and that was the family home as long as he lived. His family consisted of five children, four sons and one daughter: Mrs. Maria Bowman, mother of Mrs. Suttle; Abraham Hagey, Jr., lives at Burlington Junction; Isaac was killed at the battle of Corinth; Jacob was killed at the battle of Champion Hills; they were both soldiers in the Union army during the Civil war; John Hagey lives in the northwest part of Green township, in section 24. After his marriage Mr. Suttle began farming for himself, and about three years after he married he bought a farm of one hundred and twenty acres in Green township, seven miles southwest of Burlington Junction, and he has lived in that locality ever since. In 1900 he bought another farm of one hundred sixty acres west of the road from the first one, still retaining the first place. In 1908 he bought another of forty acres on the east side of the road, adjoining the first tract, and in the spring of 1910 he bought eighty acres south of the first tract, making four hundred acres in all; only twenty-five acres of this vast and valuable tract are not in cultivation. His land is well-improved and most admirably adapted for general farming and stockraising, to which Mr. Suttle devotes his exclusive attention. He has been very successful in his business career, always alert, progressive, and at the same time considerate and straightforward in his dealings with his fellow-men. He has a substantial, pleasant, and attractively located dwelling and such outbuildings as his needs require. Various kinds of good livestock are to be found here. To Mr. and Mrs. Suttle nine children have been born, of whom three died in infancy. Those living are Charles D., who is farming for himself near the family home; Jesse J., Dottie V., Okalla, Edwin and Edna M., who are twins, are all members of
the home circle. 
Settle, Calahill Monday Buchanan (I8488)

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