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Heatherton, Antigonish County



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Clarita Marie  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7896
2 Chisholm, Alexander  Abt 1844Heatherton, Antigonish County I7181
3 Chisholm, Alexander  Abt 1872Heatherton, Antigonish County I7179
4 Chisholm, Alexander "Alex"  3 May 1876Heatherton, Antigonish County I7014
5 Chisholm, Austin "Hugh"  Abt 1835Heatherton, Antigonish County I7175
6 Chisholm, Catherine "Cassie"  Abt 1869Heatherton, Antigonish County I7177
7 Chisholm, Christina "Tena"  24 Jun 1870Heatherton, Antigonish County I7101
8 Chisholm, Duncan A. "Stonehouse"  Abt 1867Heatherton, Antigonish County I7176
9 Chisholm, Hon. William "Bill"  8 Dec 1870Heatherton, Antigonish County I7725
10 Chisholm, Ian Alexander  3 Oct 1939Heatherton, Antigonish County I7390
11 Chisholm, Isabella  Heatherton, Antigonish County I4278
12 Chisholm, Isabella Ellen "Isabel"  6 Aug 1908Heatherton, Antigonish County I7194
13 Chisholm, Janet  Abt 1871Heatherton, Antigonish County I7178
14 Chisholm, John A.  1867Heatherton, Antigonish County I7373
15 Chisholm, John Fraser  1877Heatherton, Antigonish County I6515
16 Chisholm, Judge Duncan John  20 Jul 1910Heatherton, Antigonish County I7195
17 Chisholm, Margaret  22 Apr 1838Heatherton, Antigonish County I4279
18 Chisholm, Mary  1836Heatherton, Antigonish County I6585
19 Chisholm, Mary  Abt 1863Heatherton, Antigonish County I7060
20 Chisholm, Rev. Archibald  1 Aug 1842Heatherton, Antigonish County I4282
21 Chisholm, Rev. John Joseph  1 Apr 1840Heatherton, Antigonish County I4281
22 Chisholm, Roderick Austin  4 Aug 1876Heatherton, Antigonish County I7013
23 Chisholm, Sister Anna Belle  28 Mar 1872Heatherton, Antigonish County I7015
24 Chisholm, Sister Catherine  20 Jun 1863Heatherton, Antigonish County I7100
25 Chisholm, Sister Mary Ann  26 Sep 1865Heatherton, Antigonish County I7099
26 Chisholm, Valentine  Abt 1831Heatherton, Antigonish County I4280
27 Chisholm, William  Abt 1874Heatherton, Antigonish County I7180
28 Chisholm, William Finlay "Bill"   I6820
29 Daye, Della  Heatherton, Antigonish County I8061
30 MacDonald, Annabel  20 Aug 1899Heatherton, Antigonish County I7040
31 MacDonald, Mary  28 Nov 1895Heatherton, Antigonish County I6393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Alexander  31 Dec 1874Heatherton, Antigonish County I7179
2 Chisholm, Alexander "Sandy Uniacke"  4 Jan 1909Heatherton, Antigonish County I6354
3 Chisholm, Austin "Hugh"  8 Mar 1875Heatherton, Antigonish County I7175
4 Chisholm, Catherine  21 Nov 1865Heatherton, Antigonish County I6864
5 Chisholm, Catherine "Cassie"  6 Oct 1885Heatherton, Antigonish County I7177
6 Chisholm, Finlay  1938Heatherton, Antigonish County I7370
7 Chisholm, Janet  1877Heatherton, Antigonish County I7178
8 Chisholm, Janet  10 Oct 1941Heatherton, Antigonish County I7369
9 Chisholm, William  30 Mar 1876Heatherton, Antigonish County I7180
10 Chisholm, William Alexander  12 Dec 1944Heatherton, Antigonish County I6371
11 Daye, Fred  2 Feb 1980Heatherton, Antigonish County I8057
12 Fraser, Elizabeth "Eliza"  1931Heatherton, Antigonish County I7012
13 Fraser, Jane  12 Jan 1896Heatherton, Antigonish County I6542
14 MacDonald, Roddie  24 Apr 2004Heatherton, Antigonish County I8056
15 MacLellan, Dan  10 Aug 1938Heatherton, Antigonish County I7372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chisholm, Alex J.  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7379
2 Chisholm, Alexander  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7181
3 Chisholm, Alexander "Sandy Donn"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I4275
4 Chisholm, Alexander Christopher  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6610
5 Chisholm, Ann Bernadine "Bernie"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6605
6 Chisholm, Austin "Hugh"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7175
7 Chisholm, Catherine  Heatherton, Antigonish County I4268
8 Chisholm, Catherine  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6606
9 Chisholm, Catherine  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6864
10 Chisholm, Donald Xavier "Donald X"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6990
11 Chisholm, Ernest Jerome "Ernie Jack"  24 Jul 2001Heatherton, Antigonish County I6720
12 Chisholm, Helen Margaret  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6987
13 Chisholm, Helene Loyola  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6941
14 Chisholm, Janet Ann  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7356
15 Chisholm, Janet Mary  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7394
16 Chisholm, John Alexander "Jack Dan"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6622
17 Chisholm, Mary  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6585
18 Chisholm, Mary Ann  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6880
19 Chisholm, Rev. Archibald  Heatherton, Antigonish County I4282
20 Chisholm, Rev. John Joseph  Heatherton, Antigonish County I4281
21 Chisholm, William Alexander  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6371
22 Fraser, Alexander  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6587
23 Fraser, Duncan  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6590
24 Fraser, John "Ban"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6717
25 Fraser, John Dougald "John D."  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6620
26 Fraser, Mary Jane "Mamie"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6869
27 Grant, Allan  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7273
28 Grant, Ellen May  31 Dec 2002Heatherton, Antigonish County I7347
29 MacDonald, Anna Mae  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6364
30 MacDonald, Lauchlin Joseph "Lauchie"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6963
31 MacDonald, Margaret Theresa  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7728
32 MacDonald, William Dan "Willie Dan"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6604
33 Smith, Catherine  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6608
34 Tate, James "Jim"  Heatherton, Antigonish County I7553
35 Tate, William  Heatherton, Antigonish County I6607


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Murphy   F2321
2 Chisholm / Armstrong  Heatherton, Antigonish County F2126
3 Chisholm / Chisholm  17 Nov 1896Heatherton, Antigonish County F2308
4 Chisholm / Chisholm   F2141
5 Daye / Dykers  Heatherton, Antigonish County F2470
6 Fraser / Chisholm  Abt 1856Heatherton, Antigonish County F2054
7 Fraser / MacDonald  3 Sep 1945Heatherton, Antigonish County F2000
8 MacKenzie / Chisholm  18 Feb 1862Heatherton, Antigonish County F1354
9 MacNeill / Chisholm   F2029
10 McManaman / Murphy   F2401